Tow Accessories for Safe Open Water Swimming

A positive that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic is that more and more people, both adults and children, have taken to open water swimming as means of exercise. Fortunately, the weather has also been on the side of these swimmers and the sea, though still not as warm as the Med, is warming up as we get to the end of summer.

However, even on a span of open water which is manned by lifeguards, you still need to take extra safety precautions compared to those in a swimming pool.

In open waters, sometimes a swimmer may misjudge a distance or oncoming weather conditions and so need a safety accessory to enable them to ‘float’ without effort but at the same time remaining visible.  That’s why these accessories are made in bright, fluorescent colours which can be more easily located in open waters, increasing the chance of a swimmer in distress being found.

That’s why, at Sharks Swim & Triathlon, we always recommend that open water swimmers invest in either a tow float, a tow donut or, for children in particular, a tow woggle. 

Tow Woggle

Tow woggleTow Woggles are great for anyone new to swimming in any environment but especially open water and are particularly suitable for children hitting the open waters for the first time. The woggle acts in a similar way to the  swimming noodles you see children using under their arms in swim schools . 

A woggle is highly versatile as, once a swimmer gains more confidence in open waters, then the woggle cab be towed behind with short leash which is attached to a waist belt.  Just like a tow float!  These woggles, can be easily deflated for storage purposes.

Tow Donuts

Tow donutOur tow donuts are also highly visible and so suitable for open water swimming as they come with a waist strap (again similar to a tow float). The main advantage of a tow donut is that is comes with an integrated dry bag pouch enabling you to keep valuables with you.  The dry bag sits out of the water, in the middle of the donut, so you can take small items such as keys or a phone with you on your open water swim.

The pouch is enclosed but can be easily opened on the water to give you access to drink gels or other items you have taken with you.  

Tow Floats

Tow floatTow floats, sometimes referred to as swim buoys, are the most commonly known and used safety float for frequent open water swimmers. They are extremely effective when it comes to providing a swimmer with high visibility in the water, support if a swimmer needs to rest or is in difficulty. Floats, like woggles and donuts, are attached by a strap to a swimmer’s waist to give freedom of movement at all times.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

You can see our full range of Swim Safe tow floats, donuts and woggles on our website at and look out for news of our shop relocation coming soon.

Tow floats

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