Six Reasons why you should invest in a Swimzi

Swimzi’s are a global sportswear brand based in the UK which provides high quality leisure clothing and custom designed club kit for swimmers, triathletes, and, these days, members of the general public too.

Reason 1 – Keeps You Warm and Snug

For anyone who swims regularly, a Swimzi is a great addition to the swim wardrobe and you can slip them on easily before and after the swim, staying warm and snug even during the coldest spells of weather.  What’s more, as some pools and leisure centres, are discouraging the use of showers by users, then a Swimzi is ideal to change into before heading home for that much needed shower.    

Reason 2 – Comfortable Fit

Importantly, Swimzi’s are far more comfortable to wear than most training gear.  It is much easier to put one garment on after a swim as it gives you complete coverage from top to toe, including the head with a hood, than having to wear trousers, t-shirt, jumper etc…

Reason 3 -  Reduces Your Weekly Washing

Investing in a Swimzi will also help to reduce your weekly washing.  How you may ask? Well, Swimzi’s are made from a mix of cotton, polyester and jersey mix which means the fabric is so much lighter As long as nothing is split on the Swimzi, it can be reused a number of times before having to wash it. 

Reason 4 – Keeping you Warm

Swimzi’s aren’t just the domain of swimmers or those who enjoy other water sports.  Many of our customers buy a Swimzi literally to use in the same way as a onesie.  The advantage of a Swimzi over a onesie is that, due to the fabric mix, it will keep you warm both indoors and outdoors at all times. Again, in current times with utility bills soaring, many people are looking at alternative ways to keep warm in the home…. And a Swimzi could be the answer.

Reason 5 – Special Features and Variety

Swimzi’s have a number of features designed to benefit users including a two-piece hood, two-way full length zip, large front pouch pocket, internal phone pocket, hood headphone access and bound cuffs.

 Swimzi’s  also come in a variety of designs, colours and sizes to suit everyone.

Reason 6 – Swimzi Super Bobble Hats

In addition to the body suits, Swimzi’s also have a range of Super Bobble hats – beautiful, chunky knit ribbed designs with an outrageously large bobble.  They are fully lined with XK super soft Sherpa fleece for ultimate warmth and comfort.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

Sharks Swim & Triathlon stocks a huge range of Swimzi’s, including a Wales branded version exclusive to us, starting from as little as jut £50. To view our full range of Swimzi products click here.

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