Keeping Warm in Open Water

There has been a distinct change in weather which has an early autumn feel at the moment.  Though the sea still remains relatively warm, it can be very cold when you get out (which is why it’s such a good idea to invest in a Dry Robe or Swimzi to help keep you warm and snug when you emerge from the water).

However, the warm sea temperatures won’t last long.  So, if you want to carry on swimming in the sea or other open waters, now is the time to start investing in the kit to keep you safe and snug whilst out swimming.

Open Water Wetsuits

You may think that a wetsuit is just a wetsuit.  But, in fact, there are different types of suits for different activities.  For example, you wouldn’t wear the same wetsuit for a triathlon as you would when open water swimming or even when surfing.

We stock a full range of wetsuits at Sharks Swim & Triathlon and we always recommend, no matter what water sport you choose, it’s always best to get your suit fitted by professionals like us to ensure it is fit for purpose.

When it comes to open water swimming, you can’t go wrong with an Orca Open Water wetsuit which is specifically designed for open water swimming and training. This wetsuit provides maximum visibility, for safer swimming and gives you the warmth you need to maintain your ideal body temperature, so you can swim comfortably for longer.

Skull Caps

When open water swimming, your head is constantly out of the water; and if the sun isn’t shining and the temperatures are low, then a skull cap is an absolute necessity.

For example, thee C-Skins Elite 3mm skull cap is designed  for open water swimming to provide thermal protection combined with a flexible quick dry thermal lining.  Utilising C-Skins 100% Thermotech Glideskin neoprene for enhanced thermal protection and encouraging water run-off to help reduce windchill.

Swim Socks and Gloves

No matter what sporting activity you choose do in colder climes, your extremities like fingers and toes will always feel the impact.  That’s why, when open water swimming, particularly in the winter, it’s important to invest in a pair of swim socks or boots and gloves.

HUUB has come up trumps with their Neoprene swim socks or boots which come with a protective reinforced sole which provides ‘non slip’ protection and abrasion resistance, and a split-toe design to avoid 'rolling' on the foot. It also has adjustable Velcro closures to make this neoprene sock suitable to be worn either over or under your wetsuit. These are an essential price of kit for open water swimming.

To keep your fingers warm, why not invest in a pair of Orca Neoprene Swim gloves.  They come fully glued and blind-stitched and have a comfortable 3D cut to provide the perfect hand position in the swim. They also have an extra long sleeve to provide maxium protection from the cold.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

These are just a few of the open water swimming products which we stock at Sharks Swim & Triathlon along with a number of swimming aids to ensure you stay safe whilst open water swimming.

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