Preparing for When Swimming Pools Re-Open

Great news!  Swimming pools in Wales are following those in England and are able to open from 10th August.  

As exciting as this news may be, there are specific guidelines to follow to comply with safety regulations for swimmers.

One of the key measures will be that swimmers will need to arrive at the pool wearing their costume underneath their clothes to minimise the time spent in changing.  People will also be encouraged to bring their own bottled water and hand sanitiser and to wear appropriate pool-side footwear.

What to Wear at the Swimming Pool

With this stipulation in mind, swimmers will need to look at alternatives to their usual changing room routines as showers and washroom facilities are likely to remain closed even when the pool has re-opened.

At Sharks Swim & Triathlon, we are helping swimmers to get back into the pool with a range of clothing and products which will facilitate the new regulations.  These include:

  • Dry robes: usually associated with outdoor activities, a dryrobe is a highly versatile change robe which allows you to get changed anywhere.  For swimmers returning to the pool, you can either slip your costume on under the dryrobe and then put the robe back on once you’ve finished your swim.  The waterproof exterior fabric and a lining that dries you and keeps you warm, means you won’t be leaving wet stains in your car and you will remain warm and dry until you can get home for a much-needed shower.  Alternatively, as dryrobes are worn large and loose, you can pull your arms right inside and get changed with ease and comfort.  Our dryrobes start from just £30 for a towelling version up to £140 for a long-sleeved, top of the range robe.  They come in a variety of colours and sizes suitable for children and adult.
  • Swimzi’s: these are the snug, all-in-one onsie’s that you often see professional swimmers wearing before and after a competition. Seen as the ultimate pool deck apparel, designed specifically to take swimmers from water to land.  Made from super soft, premium cotton-rich jersey, this casual-fit unisex all in one is also great for slipping on over your costume before heading to the pool and slipping back on once you’ve finished.  With a two-piece hood, full length zip and bound cuffs, our swimzi’s will keep you snug and warm whilst changing rooms are closed.  Again, our swimzi’s are available in a variety of sizes and colours, including a Welsh-branded version exclusive to Sharks Swim & Triathlon.  Swimzi’s retail for just £63 and we also sell swimzi super bobble Sherpa fleece hats to keep your head warm in colder weather.
  • Sliders: when it comes to footwear, sliders are increasingly popular for swimmers and holiday makers alike.  As a result, we now stock a range of Aqua Sphere and Tyr sliders for children and adults which will meet all of the requirements of pool guidelines in terms of footwear. These are just £10 for children and £18.60 for adult sliders.

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You can find our full range of dry robes, swimzi’s and sliders on our website or call us on 07788 854832 to discuss your specific requirements:



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