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Wetsuit fittingMore and more swimmers are taking to the open waters as lockdown rules start to relax for outdoor activities but swimming pools continue to stay closed.   In fact, both competitive swimmers and those who simply like to swim as part of their daily exercise are looking at the best way to get back into a routine and enjoying the prospect of a session in the sea.

However, though we’ve enjoyed some lovely, warm weather, the sea is still cold, particularly when you first get it or if you’re planning a longer swim.   This is why wetsuit sales are currently soaring and at Sharks Swim and Triathlon, wetsuit orders are literally flying out from our online shop.

Unlike other online suppliers, we always stress when selling wetsuits online, that it is very important that they fit properly.  This is because it will either be too small (and therefore uncomfortable) or too large which means it won’t keep you warm when open water swimming.

Fitted Wetsuit

Having a fitted wetsuit that is perfect for your shape will keep you snug and comfortable in the sea as well as enabling you enjoy the swim more and even help to improve your performance.  Ideally, we prefer to carry out a wetsuit fitting on a one-to-one basis and, as soon as non-essentials shops are allowed to re-open, we will be offering this service once again through a booking service.

In the meantime, when taking online orders for wetsuits, we always ask customers to call us first to make sure we talk them through their measurements for a better fit.

We also ask questions relating to experience and purpose of the wetsuit so we can suggest the most appropriate suit for you.  There are a number of key points that we emphasise including the fact that there is no such thing as a comfortable wetsuit whilst you are out of the water!!!  If it does feel comfortable when you try one on for the first time, it probably means it’s loose and so will let in water. 


The two most important measurements we take (and which you should take when ordering online) are your waist and chest size.  This is because, for a wetsuit to be effective in terms of warmth and comfort, you need to fill it out properly, keeping the thinnest layer of water possible trapped between the suit and the body.  The wetsuit insulates your body and your natural temperatures will heat it. If you get too much water between the suit and the body, your system can’t heat the water fast enough, making you feel cold very quickly.

The next most important measurement is your height. Unfortunately, standard wetsuit manufacturers are unable to take into account all possible height variations for different styles.  This isn’t too much of a problem if you’re a standard size in line with your chest and waist measurements.  However, if you are tall or short then, purchasing a wetsuit without having a fitting first means you may have to compromise.  This does not apply when you are having a bespoke wetsuit, made to measure just for you.  It will be a perfect fit in terms of body shape and your height, which means you can avoid rolling up sleeves and legs if you’re on the short side or covering up bare areas with gloves and boots if you’re tall.

When we speak to customers, we also ask for their weight.  The reason that weight is important is because muscle is denser than fat and as such two people can be identically sized in inches and height but one can outweigh the other by as much as 25-30 pounds based solely on fitness levels.


On a final note, the colder the water you are planning to swim in, the more important it is to have a wetsuit that fits properly.  The same applies to skull caps, boots and gloves; it’s no good having a perfectly fitted suit only end up with freezing cold heads, hands and feet.

We stock a complete range of these essential open water accessories which are also available to purchase online.

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