Sparkle & Shine with Matching Maru Swimwear this Summer

School’s nearly out for summer and families up and down the UK are starting to get ready for their well-earned holidays.  These preparations will include ensuring both children and adults have the latest and trendiest swimwear.

Matching Maru Swimwear

With the growing trend for families to wear matching swimwear Sharks Swim & Triathlon are now stockists of Maru’s capsule collection of fun and bright beachwear for a whole team, whether that’s family, friends or simply whoever matters to you.

Matching Maru SwimwearWe also have a range of sparkly swimwear for girls which are flying out of the shop and into the suitcase ready for the summer beach holiday.

All of these Maru swimsuits are also popular among competitive swimmers as well as those training for events or simply to look really cool when learning to swim.

Ocean Friendly Swimwear

Importantly, this selected suits in this new Maru range are made from ocean friendly nylon.

There are an estimated 640,000 tons of abandoned nylon fishing nets drifting in our seas, causing irreparable damage to marine life. For every ton of waste nets collected, there is enough nylon to make more than 10,000 eco-friendly swimsuits.  Five countries, including the UK, send out 700 fishing boats a year to recover these nets, to prevent them ending up in our marine eco system.

These fishing nets, together with other nylon waste material, are regenerated to make a premium quality nylon yarn called ECONYL®. The unique purification process that generates ECONYL® means it is exactly the same as virgin nylon, with no compromise on quality. ECONYL® has the ability to be recycled infinitely without ever losing this quality.

 Maru uses ECONYL® in their Ecotech fabric, which means their eco swimwear is made from 100% regenerated nylon waste that otherwise would have been sent to landfill or ended up in the ocean.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

With our new Maru summer swim wear ranges, brothers and sisters can choose the same print as each other, match prints with their parents, or pick the same as their friends.

Groups of guys and girls going on holiday can have brilliant fun wearing beach wear in the same print. How great will that look in the photos? And anyone in your gang can be spotted easily at a crowded beach or pool!

So, what are you waiting for?  Pop into our shop in Sketty, Swansea to pick your matching swimwear or you can order online from our website.



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