Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit for Improved Performance

Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit Sharks Swim & Triathlon are now stockists of Zoot’s New Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit.  Leading the way in aerodynamic advancements, this race suit uses a revolutionary new wind-cheating 3D textile – the Dragzero fabric which is wind tunnel tested to reduce drag and make you go faster.

Dragzero incorporates technology and research from the surface of a golf ball. The dimple structure of the fabric is placed in critical areas of the garment to reduce the vortex of air which is generated behind the athlete and, consequently, reduces drag and saves watts. Dragzero fabric is engineered with a 3D jacquard design that is woven directly into the fabric and lasts for the whole life of the garment. It is not a print or an embossing which will fade or disappear over time.

Design Features

Innovative new pocketing is designed to carry everything you need for long distance racing. Two hip-holster pockets are easily accessible and high on the hips to reduce vibration; whilst the large Kangaroo pocket can hold extra nutrition or larger items.

The race suit also incorporates a new full-length front zipper for added convenience during mid-race pit stops; and a connected one-piece back suit design gives added sun protection while in the aero position on the bike.

The chamois pad incorporates a “free-edge” construction which entirely removes the foam at the outer edge of the pad for maximum comfort and run-ability.  The pad combines 8mm of ultra-density padding in the front engineered for the aero position with carbon surface fabric reduces heat build-up that can cause chaffing. Final touches include perforated high impact foam for support and drainage

Benefits of a Zoot Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit for Cyclists

The reason so many competitive cyclists love the Zoot Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit is because aerodynamic drag is the biggest force that cyclists have to overcome when riding on the flat and typically 80 per cent of said drag is created by the rider. What you wear is therefore hugely significant.

When compared to a jersey and bib shorts, a race suit can make a cyclist 21 to 28 seconds faster on a 25-mile-time trial when travelling at around 25mph.  Premium race suits offer a significant aerodynamic advantage over more basic, more affordable Lycra suits.

Race Suit Review

A recent review in Triathlon magazine states that: “the Ultra Tri is the most luxurious suit on test, with silky smooth Italian fabrics, flatlock seams throughout and arguably the greatest leg grippers in all of triathlon. The lengthy, dimpled sleeves hint at aero gains, while the mesh panels do the business in providing breathability in warmer races.

“The three accessible yet sizeable swim- friendly pockets, full-length zipper and high-tech spongy pad ensure the Ultra Tri has both short-course and long-distance appeal, but there’s a frustrating and avoidable nodule at the top of the zipper that sneaks around the minor zip guard and rubs on the chest, which is something that rears its head on longer efforts, especially. Visually, we applaud Zoot once again for their boldness with the (admittedly divisive) patterns and it’ll certainly stand out on race day.”

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

The Zoot Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit is now available to order online or from our Shop in Sketty, Swansea.

Ultra Dragzero SS Race Suit


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