Our Top Swimwear Brands for Girls This Summer

Girls! It’s summer so time to fill your bag with your towel, sunglasses, sun protection and your new swimsuit and get to the beach! But which brand are you going to be wearing? Here are our top three girls’ swimwear brands this summer, all stocked at Sharks Swim & Triathlon.  We have some pretty prints, sparkly suits and a selection of styles.  So, read on before choosing which brand you prefer to wear beachside.  And don’t forget, all of these swimming costumes are also great to wear when training or taking part in competitions.


Maru is a swimwear brand that combines sustainability with fashion and style.  In fact, the Maru Ecotech swimwear is made from 100% regenerated nylon waste that otherwise would have been sent to landfill or ended up in the ocean.

This summer Maru has introduced a range of matching swimwear for all the family using this environmentally friendly material.   Choose from designs featuring palm trees, jelly fish and sparkles for a super summer beach look.

Girls swimwear

Some of our most popular sellers in the girls Maru swimwear range are those that literally sparkle including the shiny Ariel fly back, the glimmering Lily Sparkle Rave Back and the glittering Eternal Sparkle Rave Back.

Girls Swimwear

Add to this a selection of leg suits and many more Maru swimwear designs, so you’ll be spoilt for choice if Maru is the brand for you.


Funkita is an Australian brand renowned for its style and creativity, particularly when it comes to the company’s swimwear range.  Funkita is synonymous with bold, colourful prints that are always eye-catching, whether your beachside, poolside or in training.

From classic swim suits to attractive bikini’s and tankini’s, our Funkita range has something for everyone.

Girls swimwear

What we love about Funkita is the diversity and choice it offers for girls of all ages including toddlers.  At Sharks Swim and Triathlon, we love it when little girls come into our shop and can’t wait to try on the range of pretty, colourful swimsuits and tankinis from this versatile range.

Girls swimwear


Amanzi is another Australian swimwear range renowned for its colourful prints and bold styles.

This brand has created chlorine-resistant, high-performance swimwear from toddlers to active and competitive swimmers. Amanzi’s swimsuits are designed to reflect your uniqueness and let your personality shine in and out of the water. Whether you’re a Zany Zebra or a Beach Babe, you can be guaranteed that Amanzi has a swimsuit specially designed for you.

Our Amanzi range includes swimsuits for older girls suitable for any occasion as well as knee length designs for competitive swimmers.

Girls swimwear

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

In addition to this range of girls’ swimwear, we also stock swimsuits and other swimming or holiday accessories for boys, men and women.   You can see our full range in our shop in Sketty, Swansea or by visiting our website https://sharksswimshop.com/

Girls swimwear


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