Why We Love Dry Robes

Dry robesMany swimmers are now using dry robes in order to get dry and keep warm during the colder season. With a cosy fleece lining and waterproof outer layer, these robes are often referred to as “a life changing piece of clothing”.  They are also popular with surfers and other swimming adventurers who use them in between dips into the water; and an essential for elite level athletes.

And the popularity doesn’t stop there.  Since it’s launch over 10 years ago, these snug and water-proof robes are also a favourite among campers and dog walkers who are simply looking to stay dry and warm.

Dry Robe Benefits

When it comes to getting into your wetsuit on the beach or in the car park it can be a struggle to save your dignity. The is a practical solution to this problem as it simply goes over your head and you can get changed without having to expose yourself.

Dry robesAs mentioned, the great thing about these robes is that not only can you change under them but as they are made from towelling you can also dry yourself at the same time. Surfers love them because in the very cold winter months it stops you freezing after getting out of the cold waters.  The super warm synthetic lambswool lining helps to increase your core temperature quickly keeping you warm and toasty by drawing the water away from your skin.

The most important thing to start your recovery from the cold is to get out of the wind and get dry and warm.  The outer layers of the Dry Robe is 100% waterproof and windproof giving complete protection from the elements.

Every Dry Robe has a robust, full length zip for easy entrance and exit, a feature that sets it apart from overhead robes.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

At Sharks Swim & Triathlon we stock a huge range of Dry Robes which are popular with surfers and outdoor swimmers alike.  We are due to take in new stock later this month of the improved Dry Robe items so it’s a great time to purchase existing stock at existing prices.

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