Who Should Wear Speedo Fast Skins?

When you compare the swimsuits that professional athletes wear today compared to around 20 years ago, they don’t only look different but they are developed and manufactured in a very different way too.  This is because modern swimsuits are based on the structure of shark skins in the form of what is commonly known as fast skins.

These high-performance swim suits have been developed following years of tests and studies which showed that sharks were able to swim though the water with about 10% less energy expenditure than a fish with a perfectly smooth skin.  As result, leading manufacturers like Speedo, have designed and developed swimsuits manufactured from artificial sharkskin, aptly names ‘Fast skins’.

Speedo fast skins

Fast Skins for Modern Athletes

The first fast skin was worn by Michael Phelps at the Athens Olympics in 2004 where he won six gold and two bronze medals.  In fact, at these games, 18 out of 26 Olympic records were broken by athletes wearing Speedo fast skins.

But why do these swimsuits have so much impact in terms of improved performance for swimmers?  Essentially, the ‘flexskin’ fabric designed by Speedo offers a greater range of motion for the upper body and, as the surface is so smooth, it reduces drag in the water along with greater flexibility of movement.  

In addition, the panels and seams of a Fast skin swimsuit are replicate of the body’s muscular system.  In other words, the panels act like muscles, stretching and returning to shape while allowing a full range of movement; whilst the seams act like tendons providing tension in the suit.

Fast Skins for Men and Women

It’s not rocket science!  Male and female bodies are different and so require different designs in swimsuits like Fast skins in order to enhance individual performance. 
As a result, for the female body shape, ‘flexskin’ is used on the side panel to give better results; while for men the fabric is used in all panels except for the under arm to ensure maximum freedom of movement.  There is also an additional rubber groin seam in male suits for additional comfort and support.

Sharks Swim Shop 

Sharks Swim Shop in Swansea stock a comprehensive range of Speedo fast skins in a variety of designs to suit individual swimmers and their speciality swimming strokes.  These include the Fina approved Adidas Adizero range of men’s jammers as well as knee suits for men and women.

To find the fast skin to suit you, visit our website by clicking on the image  below or or call into the shop at Sketty Cross, Swansea:

Fast skins

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