Stay Warm With Dry Robes For Tri-athletes

Dry robes
Since the GB triathlon team first started using dry robes back in 2013, more and more triathletes have started to understand the importance of keeping warm and dry between the sport’s individual disciplines.   What’s more, other sports enthusiasts, including swimmers and surfers, have also jumped onto the Dry Robe band wagon.

So, what is a Dry Robe exactly and why has it become the first choice for keeping warm by triathletes across the world?

What Are Stay Warm Dry Robes?

A dry robe is also known as an outdoor change robe and was originally designed by Gideon Bright, a North Devon, UK-based surfer with over 30 years’ experience in the water.  Gideon’s dry robe design is a portably, private, warm and dry space to change after any water-based sport or to simply throw on over a swimming costume or wetsuit to keep snug and protected from the elements.   In other words, the dry robe makes outdoor changes in the cold, British weather far easier whilst at the same time aiding performance and recovery.

What makes the dry robe such a practical option for triathletes and other sports men and women is that, as the lining doesn’t absorb moisture, it can be worn directly on wet skin, wetsuits or sweaty clothing.  It’s robe also insulates your body and so protects you from the effect of wind and rain.

Sharks Swim Shop

Dry robes are one of the products stocked by Sharks Swim Shop based in Swansea and are very popular with local triathletes and surfers.  As the brand is so well developed, it is now used by Olympic athletes which is testament to the quality of the product.

Says Leah Morgan, Director of Sharks Swim Shop “The benefit of keeping protected from the elements while getting in and out of a wetsuit as well as hanging around wearing Lycra whilst waiting compete is very important for top level athletes. What’s more, as most wetsuits are made from neoprene, although they will insulate you in the water as soon you are out of the water, they soon cool down.

“It’s also been reported that an increase in muscle temperature will help at the start of any race whilst having the space to continue to stretch or strip off into cold wet kit while protected from the elements can be hugely beneficial to performance and recovery.”

Outdoor Comfort

The dry robe is ideal for anyone who needs to change outdoors for their sport including swimming, surfing, triathlons, diving and rowing.  More and more people are investing in a dry robe simply to keep snug and warm whilst being outdoors, including football players who have to stand on the side lines and even regular dog walkers.

Available in different styles and colours, Dry robes are suitable for both men and women.  To find out more, click on the link below to the Sharks Swim Shop dry robe product page:

Dry Robes

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