Supporting Professional Swimmers with the TYR Venzo™ Swimsuit

TYR Venzo™ Sharks Swim Shop in Swansea is now offering performance swim athletes the opportunity to purchase the ground-breaking TYR Venzo™ swimsuit.This innovative, new product is the first and only technical suit in the swim industry to analyse drag from a microscopic perspective, so redefining performance in the water. Engineered in collaboration with the world’s most recognized coaches, top collegiate swimmers, world champions and Olympians, this FINA-approved technical suit boasts a range of never before seen innovations.

TYR Venzo™ Swimsuit Benefits

The key benefits of this highly technical suit include:

  • Frictionless Fibre Construction™ uses ultra smooth fibre to thread a frictionless, durable fabric
  • State of the art Surface Lift Technology™ which prevents water from permeating the fabric, resulting in a higher body position in the water
  • Endo Compression Cage™ where taping and the inner fabric from a compressive, flexible cage of support for the abdominals, obliques and quadriceps that create a snapback effect and increase distance per stroke
  • Seamless Exo Shell™ which is a hydrodynamic design that uses a seamless construction to streamline body position while decreasing overall drag.
  • X-Finity Straps are ultra-sleek, bonded straps engineered to ensure a state-of-the-art combination of comfort and stability.

TYR Venzo™ Availability

The range of swim suits available in the TYR Venzo™ range include open and closed back styles for women and a choice of Jammer swimsuits for men.

The TYR Venzo™ range can be pre-ordered from Sharks Swim Shop by calling us on 01792 202795 or call into our shop at Sketty Cross.

TYR Venzo™

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