Reduce Your Weekly Wash with a Swimzi

Swimzi Swimzi’s are a new global sportswear brand based in the UK which provides high quality leisure clothing and custom designed club kit for swimmers and triathletes. The team behind the Swimzi brand have been determined to create practical clothing that is designed to help and increase blood flow during pre-race time and warm-ups.  

Wearing a Swimzi, which is essentially a onesie for swimmers, at meets and other competitions can also help to relive post-race muscle tension.

The brand is now growing in such importance that British Commonwealth Swimming Champion Liam Tancock is putting his name behind the brand.

Practicality of a Swimzi

If you have children who swim regularly, a Swimzi will help to reduce your weekly washing.  How? Swimzi’s are made from a mix of cotton, polyester and jersey mix which means the fabric is so much lighter than a standard towel.  As a result, they dry much quicker.  

They’re also far more comfortable to wear than a towel as they give complete coverage from top to toe, including the head with a hood.

Swimzi's and Sharks Swim Shop

Sharks Swim Shop stocks a range of Swimzi onesies and other products for men, women and children.  These Swimzi’s have a number of features designed to benefit users including a two-piece hood, two-way full length zip, large front pouch pocket, internal phone pocket, hood headphone access and bound cuffs.

Our Swimzi’s come in a variety of designs and colours and retail at £59. 

In addition to the Swimzi’s, we also stock the Swimzi XK jacket along with the Swimzi Super Bobble Hat.  This is a beautiful chunky knit ribbed design with an outrageously large bobble.  It’s fully lined with XK super soft Sherpa fleece for ultimate warmth and comfort.

To view our full range of Swimzi’s and related products, visit our website:


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