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Last post I mentioned about races selling out very quickly, it’s hard to plan a season a year in advance and if you really want to do one of these sell out races you have to be ready to press the button when they open.

So many races to choose from, cheaper events that don’t put frills on and just deliver a race struggle now as everyone expects the experience, something that will look good on the social networks or the spectators can plan for as well. Small races are training now for the big ones and if people don’t get the little improvements it’s the coaches fault that’s working on a long term goal rather than peaking you for short distance b race.

I love going to some short distance races just to show some speed that you can’t usually put down in an Ironman, stops the average competitor making a big deal out of winning when they didn’t have any competition.

The Welsh super series will take care of my short distance races, only snag is racing for every second on open roads with novice athletes in the mix and cameras wanting races to look better even if it makes the race more aggressive or tactical. I don’t mind tight racing but certain courses with single lanes and on coming traffic are a big risk, you put a prize money carrot and TV exposure in front of us and we will take the risk to gamble.

I still look for more challenges every year something to excite, an incentive but rather than go for the extreme challenges I want to enjoy it, play to my strengths. Kona is the main one this year but I still want to race a fast course again and lower my Welsh record as I have more in the tank than that, I didn’t run well as it was 3 weeks after Wales and I can see someone breaking it on the right day and course.

Big races in mind in the future the pro licence is worth it as you can enter the big ones after they sell out, I’m capable of getting it so even if I’m not competitive enough for prize money I would still race as when I’m fit I can hold my own in a pro race.

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