Health Benefits of Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming We loved reading in the news last week about the group of cold-water female swimmers, the Blue Tits,  who have said that plunging into sea temperatures as cold as 6C is helping with the effects of the menopause. Some of these ladies also reported improvements in their mental health.

Says Alison Owen (49) one of the Blue Tits from Swansea:  "I didn't realise I was starting to go through the menopause when it happened a few years ago, I'd read several stories about women who were hitting the menopause and had become anxious or were diagnosed with depression. I didn't want anything like that, and I thought I've got to do something to keep myself active and get out there."

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The ladies pictured above are wearing Maru Purple Parrott Sparkle swimwear purchased from our shop in Sketty.

The benefits of this hobby to emotional well being are clear enough; swimming outdoors has a mindful, almost meditative quality to it. As well as getting up close and personal with Mother Nature, it makes swimmers feel utterly alive in that moment, forced to acknowledge and relish the assault on all the senses.

But there are other, more widely acknowledge benefits to open water swimming:  as well as any obvious benefits such as exercise. Swimming outdoors is much better for burning calories than indoor pool swimming. Swimming in cold water makes you work every single muscle and means that your body is trying to keep you warm at the same time.

Swimmers often report a “high” after delving into cold water, and many people take regular dips to fend off depression. This addictive sense of wellbeing and happiness is all down to endorphins. The body’s natural painkillers – these happy hormones kick in when you jump in to take the sting away from the cold. The cold also triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin – which help keep us chirpy.

Open Water SwimmingSo, why not have a look and dip your toe into the world of wild swimming and join the Gower Blue Tits during one of their up and coming open water swims.  And don’t’ forget, at Sharks Swim Shop we stock everything you need for your open water swimming experience including Dryrobes, Swimzi’s and Bobble Hats, all important to keep swimmers warm and snug after their cold water dip.


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