Keeping Safe and Warm when Training in Winter

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, open water swimmer or a triathlete (combining all three of these disciplines), you will probably have adjusted your training schedule in line with the colder weather and darker nights.

When training during these more difficult conditions, keeping safe and warm should be of paramount importance to avoid accidents or injuries.  So, the team at Sharks Swim and Triathlon have come up with these guidelines to ensure outdoor winter athletes all stay as safe as possible when out in the early mornings, late evening or in cold waters.

Bright and Reflective Clothing

It can be difficult for drivers to see runners or cyclists in the dark, so don't make it harder on them by wearing dark, non-reflective clothing. You need to wear bright colours, preferably with reflective material or tape so that you stand out as you run.

For open water swimmers, you should wear a high visibility swim cap when swimming in winter and ensure you have a hi-vis tow float or similar to keep you visible.

Wear or Carry Lights

Not only is it hard for drivers to see you in the dark, but it is also hard for you to see the road, trail or sidewalk as you run or cycle. There are many small lights that are easy to wear or hold that will illuminate your route while running or cycling. Plus, drivers will be able to see you.


Again, our Gato range includes a number of suitable products for runners and swimmers.

To help you to stay visible in the water and on land, we now also stock Adventure Lights which are designed specifically for extreme weather conditions.   These lights come in two modes, flashing and steady, with up to 250 hours of battery life.  When attached to your body or to a tow float for example, you will be visible for up to 5 km distance.  These lights retail at just £14.95 and come in red, white and green.

Keeping Warm


For cyclists and runners we offer a range of thermals bibs, tights, vests and jackets from leading brands, all designed to keep you snug and warm when training.

 We now also stock the Castelli range of products including their neoprene Diluvio C gloves which come with a grip to the palm and the high-quality neoprene is extremely stretchy for added comfort.  Cyclists will also benefit from the Castelli Toe Thingy designed to keep your feet warm without the hassle of a full shoe cover. These toe covers slip easily over the front of your shoes and are held in place by the cleats. The rugged underside of the toe will add grip and resist rips or tears thanks to a silicone print.

 The ideal way to keep warm when open water swimming is to invest in a properly fitted wetsuit.

At Sharks Swim Shop we stock a huge range of wetsuits from leading brands including Raceskin, Orca, Aquasphere and Huub. These range in price from £149 to £550 depending on your needs and budget.  See our full range here.


We also are leading local suppliers of Dry Robes, Swimzi’s and Charlie McLeod Sports coats – all designed to keep you warm and snug before and after your swim.


Pay Attention

No matter how many precautions you take to keep yourself safe, always pay attention to what's around you. If something does not seem right, trust your instincts and move away from the possible danger quickly. It's better to be a little over cautious than seriously injured or worse.


You should also be aware of outdoor temperatures and ensure you have the appropriate gear and accessories to ensure you don’t get too cold or hot when training in winter, which can also lead to danger to your health.


To see all of our winter training brands visit our shop in Gorseinon or order online here

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