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Huub Brownlee Agilis WetsuitWe are delighted to be an exclusive stockist along with Huub of the Huub Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit.  Huub has developed this wetsuit in partnership with the Brownlee brothers for the ultimate wetsuit for elite performance.

The wetsuit took two years to develop including testing, developing and approving with the Brownlees.  The brothers had two main goals for product:

  • To be able to swim like they’re not wearing a wetsuit throughout the full stroke cycle.
  • Get their hips and legs as high as possible and keep them there.

 Brownlee Brothers Brief

Huub Brownlee Agilis WetsuitBased on this brief, Huub has extensively researched, materials, stretch, swim strokes and how materials behaved under tension. This resulted in the development of new Arms Neutral™ position reducing the typical maximum stretch cycle down by 50%. This means that a stroking style with this wetsuit can now mimic a stroking style without a wetsuit delivering a Rotational Freedom™ never before felt. The Brownlees have called it a “a game changer”.

 New buoyancy materials deliver unique leg lift and lower body buoyancy which fall within regulatory rules. HUUB’s exclusive +43™ buoyancy foam provides 43% more buoyancy than standard neoprene. Typically, wetsuit companies add extra buoyancy to the thighs and hips, but on this suit, the +43™ material goes past the centre of buoyancy for maximum leg lift.

Huub Brownlee Agilis WetsuitThe Agilis wetsuit is a beautiful piece of equipment to swim in; it is simple yet incredibly effective packed with technologies that cannot be seen.  And thanks to this collaboration, Huub are confidently saying that is no faster wetsuit on the market which has been well received by tri-athletes across the world.

 Agilis Key features

Key features of the Agilis are:

  • Arms Neutral™ exclusive and patent-pending technology delivering totally unrivalled and unmatched Rotational Freedom™.
  • HUUB’s exclusive +43™ buoyancy foam delivering 43% more buoyancy than standard neoprene.
  • Designed with the Brownlee brothers extensive input.
  • Highest grade neoprene.
  • Breakaway Zipper for the fastest transitions.
  • Pressed neck edge for comfort.

To find out more about the Huub Agilis wetsuit, click here. 

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Huub Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit

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