Benefits of Dry Robes as the Weather Gets Colder

Dry robeWhether you’re a triathlete, a swimmer or surfer, it’s time to get the dry robe out for your up-and-coming events or training sessions so you keep warm and snug when you get out of the water. Dry robes are all about keeping you protected from the elements, not just when you’ve finished your swim or surf but also whilst waiting to compete for an event. They’re also very practice as they help to keep you covered up when changing. 

There are different types of dry robes available on the market some more suitable for summer and spring and others for the winter months.

Sharks Swim Shop Dry Robes

Dry robeOur Dry Robe Premium Change towel is made from super soft Italian towelling combined with a short length sleeve design to prevent drafts and unwanted exposure. These dry robes are best suited for indoor or spring and summer outdoor changing.  As these robes are made from light weight towelling, they dry quickly. 

Our Advance long sleeve dry robe is perfect for the colder months.  It combines the original dry robe concept with a traditional swim parka design to create a comfortable, super warm poncho with a soft lining and waterproof outer layer.  This robe comes with a handy zip and has been designed to make it easy to pull your arms up and in to so you can get changed too.

If you don’t have a dry suit yet, look out for our seasonal sale starting on 1 October when we will have a range of dry robes available at discount prices.

Further benefits of wearing Dry Robes

In addition to warmth and comfort, dry robes are important in helping your recovery after an event.  When you get out of the water, particularly in winter, you need to get out of the wind and make sure your body is dry and warm.  The outer shell of advances dry robes is usually constructed using one large area of fabric to avoid seams, making the robe water proof and wind proof.

Most dry robes, other than towelling ones, tend to be lined with synthetic lambswool which draws water away from the skin, drying your body quickly whilst still keeping you warm.  This is called wicking. 

Those which comes with a zip make the it easy to take on and off, particularly during race meets. This type of dry robe is also suitable for lifeguards as they are so quick to take off.

Cost of Dry Robes

The cost of dry robes will vary greatly depending on the type you buy.  At Sharks Swim Shop our towelling dry robes start from as little as £34.99 and our advance robes retail on average at £109 (with several options in between).  Our dry robes come in a variety of colours and sleeve lengths depending on your preference.

Importantly, once you’ve purchased your dry robe, it will last you a good few years, with the guarantee of keeping you warm when you get out of the water.

To find our more, call into our shop in Sketty or check out the dry robes section on our website. 

Dry robes

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