The Importance of A Tow Float When Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming has definitely taken off in the UK, particularly since the recent pandemic with more people looking at ways to get fit and spend time outdoors.  And we’re very lucky in Great Britain as, when it comes to open water swimming, we have access to a huge amount of opportunities including lakes, reservoirs and, of course, the ocean.

If the idea of open water swimming appeals to you, it’s not just a case of popping on your swimsuit and off you go.  There’s much more to it, particularly if you are planning to swim outside during the winter months.  And even during the summer months, when the water is warmer, any place you plan to swim should be viewed with caution.

There are many hints and tips we can give you when it comes to open water swimming but the main one, and the one which will help to keep you safe at all times, is to invest in a tow float.

Open Water Tow Floats

A tow-float is a small, brightly coloured apparatus which you can attach to your body through a waistband and leash. As you swim, it floats above the lower end of your body, making you more visible to others in the nearby area, especially boats and jet skis.

Tow floats come in a variety of styles — from the typical inflatable to a tow float that doubles as a dry bag for storing valuables or even clothes.  You may also use a tow float as a pillow to lean back and enjoy the sunshine while you wait for other swimmers to catch up or if you feel tired.

If you are swimming in open waters, other water users and sea crafts, such as dinghies or powerboats, will find it hard to see you until the very last moment. This can be dangerous, especially if there's a little amount of waves between you and them. While experts always recommend wearing a bright swim cap, a tow float adds a crucial layer of visibility and allows you to readily see other swimmers if you're in a group and others to see you.

What’s more, because a tow float is buoyant, it offers support when you're tired or cramped or if you just need a break. You can lean on your tow float as you catch your breath or you can just hug it and float along while chatting with other swimmers. Please note: Float floats are not buoyancy aids, they are to be used by competent swimmers.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

At Sharks Swim & Triathlon we stock a range of open water swimming aids including tow floats and tow donuts, including our brand which are the same quality as leading brand at affordable prices. 

These tow floats and donuts are a vital item of kit for open water swimmers. They ensure high visibility when out in the water, swimmers tow the float with no drag and no restriction to their swim stroke.   The tow Float comes with an adjustable strap and is designed to have a low drag when on the water.   Featuring a heavy-duty PVC, coated nylon and waterproof outer material, these floats are only to be used by competent swimmers to increase visibility in the open water.

They are recommended for all open water swimmers that want a high visibility tow-float who don't want to leave small valuables on the shore and still have increased visibility out on the water

 In Summary

Some open water swimmers think tow floats will slow them down or get in the way, so they don't want to wear one. If that sound like you, choose a small one if you haven't tried swimming in one yet. They don't slow you down or get in your way; instead, they silently float alongside you, keeping you safe as you swim. A high-quality tow-float will produce minimal drag and will not obstruct your stroke. You won't even realise your tow float is there most of the time.



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