Staying Visible During Open Water Swimming

HUUB bundleWhen it comes to open water swimming, being visible is very important, particularly when there are other swimmers alongside, ahead or behind you. This is why a brightly coloured hat is essential along with a highly visible inflatable tow float pulled behind you on a short leash to give a clear signal that you are in the water.  

The tow float also has the added advantage of taking your weight if you need to rest during your swim.  Add to this an essential pair of goggles, suitable for open water swimming, and you have everything, other than your wetsuit of course, to keep you safe and visible in open waters.

To ensure you stand out from the crowd when open water swimming, Sharks Swim & Triathlon now offers a high visibility open water bundle which includes the HUUB Aphotic orange Goggles, Tow Float and Fluro Orange Swim Cap.  Retailing at just £75.99, it is more cost effective to buy the full bundle than the individual items.  Click here for full details.

HUUB Aphotic Goggles

Possibly the most important piece of equipment come race day is your swim goggles. A piece of equipment so many of us take for granted, yet without them, all of our preparation and training is wasted. It's time to take your goggles seriously, and really understand what is needed on race day. Not all races take place during the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest. This is why HUUB have designed the  “Aphotic” goggles. Using Photochromatic technology, these googles  get darker or lighter according to the natural light during the race without you even noticing.

Clarity of vision aids sighting and allows you to move around obstacles and other swimmers even when you swim into the sun, or with your back to the sun. These incredible lenses adjust perfectly and take only 160 seconds to go from clear to dark delivering ultimate performance for every turn of every buoy.

The HUUB Tow Float

Brightly coloured Tow Floats are an essential bit of kit for outdoor swimmers and for some races they are mandatory. Perfect for waters where there are boat users the HUUB Tow Float will increase your visibility in the water whether swimming solo or in a group, with minimal interference to your swimming (you won’t notice it is there). Should you need to rest or require assistance, the tow float will offer buoyant support capable of supporting your weight, and you will be easier to locate. If you are taking your children into the open water, a Tow Float will mean you can spot them very quickly.

Once inflated, the 16l SafetyTow Float can be attached using an adjustable waistband and leash. Made from durable PVC they are 100% waterproof and capable of carrying personal belongings keeping your things safe and dry while you swim.

The  HUUB Swim Cap

There are two considerations in your choice of swim cap in open water which are warmth and visibility. For water temperatures above 20°C, an ordinary latex cap is usually adequate. Between 15-20°C, a silicone cap, like the HUUB swim cap, would provide improved insulation and can be pulled down to cover most of your forehead

Since swimmers are about 80% submerged, a brightly-coloured swim cap is important to enhance visibility. 

The HUUB swim cap included in this bundle is made from 100% flat moulded silicon and the bright orange colour will increase your visibility when open water swimming. Though lightweight, this cap has excellent durability with a no wrinkle fit for low drag profile.

HUUB High Visibility Open Water Bundle

You can purchase the HUUB high visibility open water bundle from our shop in Sketty Cross, Swansea or online from our website 

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