Solution for Swimmers who Suffer Cramp

Salt stickBelieve it or not, even though you may be immersed in water, swimming still makes you sweat as it is an intense cardio exercise.  The result is that you can become as de-hydrated when swimming in a training session or competition as during a run or bike ride.  Unfortunately, you can’t simply carry a bottle and take a much needed drink when swimming intensely.  So, what’s the answer? Electrolytes of course.

Many swimmers opt to consume energy drinks to provide the boost they need during a competition or training swim.  However, these can cause gastric stress, particularly in the water.  What’s more, hydrating with water alone can dilute the natural electrolytes in your body, which can also cause fatigue – and that applies to all sports.

But replenishing the electrolytes that you lose in sweat, it’s very important when it comes to maintain day to day training consistency and performance.

To help swimmers achieve their goals without suffering from de-hydration, Sharks Swim & Triathlon now stocks a new product called SaltStick®

History of SaltStick®

SaltStick® was developed by Jonathan Toker, Ph.D., founder of Toker Engineering LLC and an elite-level triathlete from Canada. He received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute in 2001, worked in the biotech industry for 5 years, and raced in the professional ranks as a triathlete and runner for 5 years.

The original concept for a capsule dispenser developed in 2002 as part of professional triathlon racing needs. Engineering of the SaltStick® dispenser took 4 years involving other professional triathlete testers, and hundreds of hours of effort.

SaltStick® Caps were developed as a study of scientific literature on electrolyte loss in sweat, highly bioavailable ingredients, and field testing. SaltStick® Caps has since become the accepted standard for electrolyte replacement capsules.

The first dispenser prototypes were shown at the Interbike industry trade show in Las Vegas in Sept 2005 and used by top athletes at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii a few weeks later.

The first commercial sales were at the California Ironman 70.3 event in March, 2006. SaltStick® products are now sold in over 40 countries around the world.

Benefits of SaltStick®

The years of research to develop the SaltStick® product have brought huge benefits to athletes all over the world.  They are easily absorbable and are light on the stomach. 

SaltStick® is easy to take before, during and after exercise, replacing the essential Electrolytes that the body loses during intense exercise.  The products come in different forms including capsules, chewables and liquds.

SaltStick® can be purchased from our shop in Sketty Cross, Swansea or online here 



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