Sharks Swim & Triathlon Launch Own Brand of Swim Accessories

Sharks swimming aidsThis summer, the sisters behind Sharks Swim & Triathlon, Leah Morgan and Louise Snelgrove, have launched their own brand of Sharks swimming accessories.The new range includes key products such as goggles, kick-boards, pull buoys, training fins, mesh bags, snorkels, paddles etc.

The rationale behind the launch of their own brand is to be able to offer children and adults who are swimming at squad level a complete range of high-quality accessories at more affordable prices that many leading brands (even though they are manufactured in the same place) as well as improving their own price margins.

Says Leah, “We’ve wanted to develop our own brand of swimming accessories for a while.  As we also run Sharks Swim Club, Development Club and Tri Sharks, we could see that some parents were struggling with cost of known brand swimming aids.  Our own new brand, though manufactured in the same place, is cheaper than most leading brands but offers the same quality and standards.”

The new range is now available in the Sharks & Triathlon shop in Sketty and will soon be available to buy online too.

Adds Louise, “In addition to our new swim accessories, the manufacturer of Swimzi (onsies for swimmers) are developing a range of Welsh-branded Swimzi’s just for our shop for launch this October. Leading wetsuit manufacturer HUUB is also designing us our own brand of wetsuit, called the Tiger. And swimwear manufacturer, Finis, has produced Welsh branded swimming briefs and jammers for exclusive sale by Sharks.  These are currently worn by the Welsh Water Polo team as well as competitive swimmers, triathletes and even holiday makers heading abroad.

“These are very exciting times for Sharks Swim & Triathlon and we are looking forward to a successful and profitable few months ahead.”




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