Sharks Launches Own Brand of Hand Paddles

Sharks hand paddlesSwimming aids like kickboards and pull buoys can be of a huge benefit when it comes to improving your swimming performance.  Having launched our own brand of these two aids in 2019, we are now pleased to launch our own range of Sharks hand paddles.

We’re often asked by competitive swimmers and triathletes when and how to use hand paddles.  In short, these aids help to increase efficiency, create a more consistent feel for the water, help build better swim mechanics and improve  your overall strength and technique.

However, it’s crucial that hand paddles are used correctly as, if not, then you could end up with soreness or even injuries in your shoulders.

Guidelines for Using Hand Paddles

Our team of swimming instructors from our Sharks Swim School have come up with this list of considerations for swimmers who are thinking of using hand paddles to improve their technique and performance.

  • Hand paddles are a great tool helping to get a good feel for the water because they take the hands out of the swimming equation. A swimmer will learn to incorporate the entire arm through the stroke motion along with better positioning of the hands
  • Be careful about using a paddle that’s too loose; ensure you invest in ones with an adjustable strap for maximum efficiency and to keep your hands in a neutral position
  • Don’t use paddles for more than 25% of your total workout or you risk becoming dependent on them

Sharks Hand Paddles

Sharks hand paddlesOur  one size fits all Sharks hand paddles are designed to build your swimming strength and improve your stroke technique. You can use the adjustable straps to get the perfect fit when using these paddles in your swim drills. Retailing at just £8.99, these hand paddles come in blue or pink and can be purchased in our shop at Sketty Cross or online here 


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