HUUB Alpha Wetsuit Now Available from Sharks Swim Shop

HUUB Alpha WetsuitAt Sharks Swim Shop, we always endeavour to bring our customers the latest, top of the range brands and products to help improve performance.  So, we are pleased to announce that we are now stockists of the new HUUB Alpha Open Water Swimming wetsuit.

This wetsuit has been designed to offer fantastic flexibility while having the buoyancy required to give the most comfortable swimming position.  It is an exciting addition to HUUB’s range of award-winning wetsuits, created with the company’s renowned attention to detail and scientific knowledge, wrapped in a package of performance and stunning value.

The Alpha is the ideal first-timers wetsuit as well as being suitable for more experienced swimmers.  This is HUUB’s first wetsuit which retails for under £100 and along with HUUB, Sharks Swim Shop has the exclusive rights to sell the suits.


HUUB has a reputation for building their wetsuits from knowledge, experience and most of all from scientific testing. The company understands that the opinions of the Brownlee Brothers and Helen Jenkins along with the fastest swimmers in triathlon (who all choose HUUB) are important, but they value the scientific testing that sets the HUUB brand apart as the company to deliver the fastest suit for performance tri-athletes.

For example, the team at HUUB understands that the days of adding the thickest neoprene panels to the chest and legs have long gone because their research has shown that by adding more buoyancy to the legs and less to the chest reduces the frontal drag of the wetsuit, and puts swimmers in a better swim position.

When it comes to the HUUB Alpha wetsuit, for the first time they have managed to introduce a new highly flexible flat-lock construction method found on thinner material wetsuits, delivering a great feeling wetsuit.

HUUB Alpha Key Features

HUUB Alpha WetsuitSome of the key features of this wetsuit include the 2:3 buoyancy combination for improved body position and reduced drag along with 1.5mm under arm thickness for maximum flexibility. The suit is manufactured from scientifically researched neoprene thickness combination and includes glide skin neoprene for reduced surface drag.

Other important features are the placement of specific panels for for flexibility and efficiency, speed cut ankle and smooth skin cuffs  for ease of exit and a flatlock construction.

The HUUB Alpha at Sharks Swim Shop

In addition to stocking the HUUB Alpha open water wetsuit for both men and women, as well as the HUUB Alpha buoyancy shorts, we also offer a complete wetsuit fitting service.

To find our more, visit our shop in Sketty, Swansea or visit our website 

HUUB Alpha Wetsuit


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