Helping to Keep Your Valuables Safe Whilst You’re in the Water

Keeping valuables safePolice are warning the thousands of surfers and open water swimmers who flock to Gower beaches to be on their guard because of thieves who target cars and other belongings left on the beach. Over the past few years, Ttieves have been targeting cars parked by surfers and swimmers at the beach when they know the owners are in the water, making away with thousands of pounds of valuables.

And the problem is not just limited to Gower as thieves are hitting unsuspecting surfers and swimmers right around the Welsh coast.

Surfers in particular have traditionally left their car keys under a wheel arch or under a rock in the beach but unfortunately, this recent spate of thefts has seen credit cards, keys, mobile phones, and sometimes even cars have been stolen.

Advice from South Wales Police

Now the police and some councils around Wales are looking at ways of protecting surfers and swimmers’ belongings when they hit the water.

This video produced by South Wales Police about crime prevention at Caswell Bay sums up the problem faced by local surfers and swimmers.

There is no doubt that due to these persistent thefts, surfers and swimmers feel more vulnerable when they are spending time in the water.

Waterproof Swim Secure Pouch

Leah and Louise Morgan, who run Sharks Swim & Triathlon shop in Swansea along with a local swim and tri schools, and who are featured in this video, are working to help locals and visitors to keep their valuables safe by stocking a Waterproof Swim Secure pouch.

Keeping valuables safeThis Waterproof pouch comes with a 3-seal system, a metre- long lanyard and a clear rear phone window to enable you to use your phone whilst in the bag.  This pouch will keep your keys, phone and other valuables safe and dry whilst in the water.

Click here for details of our current special offer, where you can get a free waterproof swim secure pouch with the purchase of a wet suit or tri suit from Sharks Swim & Triathlon.

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