Getting the Wet Suit Right - Why a Wetsuit Fitting Service is so important

Wet suitSharks Swim Shop in Swansea offers a unique wet suit fitting service, designed to make sure that you get the best fit and comfort when you make this investment. We stock a comprehensive range of wet suits for ladies, men and children from some of the top brands including Blue Seventy, Aqua Sphere, Huub, Orca and Zoot.

Though we also sell wet suits from our online shop, we highly recommend that you pop into the shop so we can give you independent advice based on your shape, size, weight and reason for buying a wet suit.

Correct Fit

It's important to get the right fitting wetsuit. Far too many people select the wrong size wetsuit the first time they buy one. Remember, your wetsuit keeps you warm by trapping water against your skin, if this water can flush in and out you don’t stay warm, you get cold.

Every manufacturer uses a slightly different standard; so, just because you buy a medium tee shirt doesn’t mean you’re a medium wetsuit. We’re all different shapes and sizes and the better wetsuit manufacturers have responded to this with a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

As our team has many years’ experience of fitting wetsuits, we understand the differences in the cut and shape of the different brands. During your fitting, we size check every wetsuit that is ordered and we will advise if we think a different size or wetsuit will be more appropriate.  This means that the every customer gets a great fitting wetsuit and minimises returns, saving time and money for everyone.

A proper fitting suit should not be too roomy in the crotch area. The first thing to do when trying on a wetsuit for fit is to pull the suit up so it’s snug between the legs. Only then should you take an assessment of leg and arm length and shoulder comfort.  Putting a wetsuit on is a process that takes a few minutes, don’t try to do it in a hurry, and make sure you pull up and up to create as much space throughout as possible. 

Body before Arms and Legs

Don’t worry too much if the arms and legs of your new wetsuit are a bit short as this won’t affect your swim. It’s no big issue if they are too long either, as they can easily be trimmed to fit. This is particularly the case for people who have a long torso but short arms and legs.

Many wetsuits come with extra long legs and arms and  the manufacturer expects you to trim them once you have decided on the purchase and usually include instructions on how to trim.  The more important thing is that your torso feels right, tight enough to hold water in, but also with enough flex so you can breathe comfortably. 

Collar Comfort

The collar is something that you really can’t trim without damaging the wetsuit or its fit. Make sure it’s not unbearably tight but also bear in mind that the collar will stretch over time. If you have a bigger neck, look for one of the brands that features a lower cut collar. These tend to be a lot more generously sized.  We have seen many swimmers come out of the water before the race is done, not because they were out of shape, but because they felt the neckline was constricting their breathing and movement.

Avoid Junk in your Trunk

One of the areas where a wet suit can be poor-fitting is the area around the small of the back. If there is too much space here, the wetsuit will billow out and fill with water while you’re swimming.

We can help you to pick the suit that fits this area in the snuggest way, but won’t prevent your shoulders and arms from moving freely or giving you a sensation of not being able to take deep breaths.

Trying on Your Wetsuit

This guide shows the best way to try on a wetsuit but don’t worry if it looks complicated, we can help you!

Wet suit

Price Is Nice

Price has to be an important consideration when purchasing a restaurant. This is why it’s important to get the right fitting wetsuit from the word go to avoid having to replace it within a short space of time as it lets in water or is simply too uncomfortable to wear in the water.

Our wet suits range in price form £140 up to £500 for the elite tri-athletes helping to enhance their performance.




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