Getting Ready for the Triathlon Season

It’s back!  Triathletes across the UK are delighted that events are finally able to start up again following the restrictions imposed over the last two years due to the pandemic.  For many triathletes, beginners and those with experience, preparations should be starting now to get you in shape for when the season starts.  So we’ve come up with a shopping list to help you put everything in place ahead of your next event, enabling you to concentrate on your training.

You should start by taking an inventory of all your triathlon gear, making note of equipment that still has plenty of life and what needs replacing due to wear and tear. It’s also a good idea to stock up on bars and gels to fuel a few months of training and for the event itself.  If you’re new to triathlons, then start by making a list of what you will need (there are loads of resources available online or you can ask the team at Sharks Swim Shop to help). 

During the race you will normally need to wear a race number so a number belt can be really useful as you will need to change the position of the race number during each stage; usually on your back for the bike stage and on the front for the run stage.

It can also be useful to have a plastic box in the transition area to store cycling and running gear after each stage, but this is not essential.  In addition, a transition bag or dry bag is pretty handy to carry all your kit in, to and from the event.

A further consideration is protect yourself against blistering, chafing and the sun.  We offer an extensive range of Bodyglide products ranging from anti saddle sore and blister balms to sun screen balm.

Swim Stage

This stage can be in a swimming pool or in open water. In both cases you will need a pair of swimming goggles and a swim cap. You should also have a towel to dry yourself off a little ahead of the bike stage.

For pool swims you will usually need a pair of swim jammers for men or a swimming costume for women. Alternatively, you can wear a tri suit or tri top and shorts to save time changing in transition.  

We highly recommend the Orca Trisuit, which is designed specifically for swim run competitions that adapts to the needs of both the footrace and swimming. Extra buoyancy in the lower trunk keeps your legs on the surface while you swim, without hampering your freedom of movement during the footrace.

For open water swims, the use of a triathlon wetsuit is usually mandatory. Under the wetsuit you would wear the tri suit or tri top and shorts. You may also need a neoprene skull cap, a pair of swim gloves and pair of booties in really cold conditions.

For ultimate performance, Sharks Swim Shop is  stockist of the Huub Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit. Huub has developed this wetsuit in partnership with the Brownlee brothers for the ultimate wetsuit for elite performance.  The wetsuit took two years to develop including testing, developing and approving with the Brownlees. 

The result has been the development of new Arms Neutral™ position reducing the typical maximum stretch cycle down by 50%. This means that a stroking style with this wetsuit can now mimic a stroking style without a wetsuit delivering a Rotational Freedom™ never before felt. The Brownlees have called it a “a game changer.

Bike stage

Each event can specify a certain kind of bike but in most cases a road worthy mountain or road bike will be enough. You will need a bike helmet, it's part of the rules in most races, wearing no helmet in transition before you touch your bike usually results in disqualification.

 If you have clip on pedals, then you will need clip on bike shoes. You can wear cycle gloves and sun glasses if you really wish. You should already be wearing a tri suit or tri top and shorts at this point.

Our recommendation for glasses include the Oakely Radar EV or Jawbreaker shades.

Run stage

In addition to your running gear, you will need a pair of running shoes suitable for the run stage. Some events can be out on the road or off-road trail runs. You may also need a sun visor or hat on brighter days.

Get Training

Once you have the necessary gear in place you should start training.  When cycling or running, ensure you keep safe and warm during the colder winters months (though encouragingly Spring is only a couple of months away!).  As open water swimming training usually starts in March or April, it’s a good idea to keep up your training in a pool until you can hit the open waters to maintain your stamina and performance.

Sharks Swim Shop

Sharks Swim Shop stocks everything you could possibly need to take part in either a Triathlon or an Ironman competition.  We’d love to help you to get ready for your big race, so why not pop into our shop in Gorseinon to see our range at first hand.

Alternatively, you can order your triathlon clothes or accessories from our online shop at




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