Getting Back to Swimming Post Lockdown

It’s been a few months now since swimming pools have re-opened, albeit with social distancing and other safety measures in place to keep swimmers and pool staff safe.  However, at Sharks Swim & Triathlon, many of our regular customers, both professional and social swimmers, are saying that they are finding it hard to get back into swimming regularly, let alone training!

So what can you do to get re-motivated and back into the pool on a regular basis? Here’s what we, Louise and Leah, recommend you do and in no time you’ll be back to beating your pre-lockdown times or number of laps.

Don’t Go All Out Straightaway

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and that should apply when you first get back into the pool.  Not only will your wear yourself out after months of being away from swimming but you could end up feeling demotivated as you’re not a fit or fast as you used to be. 

Start gradually by just one or two sessions each week to start with, building up your stamina and strength to eventually training or swimming as regularly as you were before.  This way will you will find that you can increase your speed and distance as you swim more regularly.

Stick to a Swimming Routine

 You probably did this before the pandemic but we highly recommend that you stick to a regular swimming routine for the best results.

Book swimming sessions in your diary and treat them like an important meeting so you’re not tempted to cancel or drop out last minute due to pressure of work or family life.

Swim with a Buddy

Like with any form of exercise, if you team up with a friend or family member, you are far more likely to keep you’re your training schedule as you don’t want to let the other person down. 

You will also find that you will motivate each other with some healthy competition when it comes to improving your stamina, strength and times.

Invest in New Swimwear or accessories

There’s nothing more motivating than wearing a new outfit and that applies to a swimsuit too.  Maybe your pre-lockdown swimwear looks a bit scruffy or doesn’t fit properly.   Similarly your swim accessories are showing wear and tear and maybe not be as functional as they were before.

At Sharks Swim & Triathlon we have a huge range of swim wear for adults and children alike as well as swim accessories from goggles and swim caps to swimming aids such  as kickboards and pull buoys.  And on that note, using these swimming aids when you first get back into the pool will help to build up strength in both your arms and your legs as well improving your strength and stamina (read more here.

These products are all available to buy in our shop in Gorseinon or online here 




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