Get Kitted Out for the Swim Wales Summer Nationals

Swim WalesThis week sees the National Pool of Wales in Swansea host the Swim Wales Summer Open Nationals. The Swim Wales Summer Open includes the Home Nation Summer Event and the Welsh Summer Open. The Home Nation Summer Events are the top 24 selected for British and the invited top swimmers, after those at British, who are invited to their respective home nation; for Wales this is the top 16 after those at British. These swimmers have priority/invited entry which must be made within the specified window. Remaining lanes are open in 'open' entries as first come first served until full.

At Sharks Swim & Triathlon, which is just a short distance from the national pool, we are gearing ourselves up to help competitors in the Summer Nationals get kitted out ready for these races.

Fast Skins

One of our most popular sellers ahead of the competition has been from our range of fast skins. These high-performance swim suits have been developed following years of tests and studies which showed that sharks were able to swim though the water with about 10% less energy expenditure than a fish with a perfectly smooth skin.  As result, leading manufacturers like Speedo, have designed and developed swimsuits manufactured from artificial sharkskin, aptly names ‘Fast skins’

Swim WalesOur Sketty shop stocks a range of the Speedo fast skins as well as other leading brands including the Fina approved Tyr Venzo range of men’s jammers as well as knee suits for men and women along with the elite level Finis Rival open back knees kin.


Swim WalesChoosing the correct goggles is particularly important for competitive swimmers so they can see the upcoming wall, enabling them to judge their turns. There are hundreds of different types of goggles on the market and at Sharks Swim & Triathlon we stock around 120 different types ourselves (including ones for adults, children, polarised … to name but a few). 

There are three things that competitive swimmers need to take into consideration when choosing goggles:

  • How the goggles fit on your face: we all have different size and shape faces and as result there are inevitably many different shaped goggles out there. The goggles you choose are going to be strapped to your face, digging in and around your eyeballs, for hours at a time making fit and comfort very important. Comfort is crucial and we recommend when buying goggles keep them on for up to 4 minutes to make sure they don’t hurt your face.
  • Colour of the lens: whether you swim indoors or outdoors matters when it comes to lens colour, or even how the pool is lit. Be wary of dark-lens goggles as if they get just a bit fogged up you won’t be able see much around you.
  • Cost of goggles: competitive swimmers need to invest in a top of the range pair which are durable and performance enhancing. Our top seller this season are the Swans Valkyrie goggles equipped with MIT (Mirror Integrated Technology lenses).

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

In addition to goggles and fast skins, we also stock everything a competitive swimmer may need from swim caps and swimzies (to keep you warm in between competitions) to all sorts of swimming training aids.

So if you’re competing this week in the Swim Wales Summer Nationals, then pop int our shop at 47 Gower Road, Sketty, Swansea SA2 9BH and you can have a quick look at our online stock on our website.

Swim Wales

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