Essential Accessories for Triathlon Training and Competitions

The triathlon season is upon us so now is the time for triathletes, novice and experienced, to up their training regime ahead of the first events.  As a triathlon is made up of three different disciplines, triathletes have a lot to do in terms of conditioning to get the best performance at every stage.  So, they don’t want to be distracted by worrying about what essentials they will need for training and during the competition.

With this in mind, the team at Sharks Swim & Triathlon have come up with this guide and check list to ensure you have all the kit you need to achieve the best results.   Importantly, you don’t have to spend an ‘arm and a leg’ on this kit but it is important to get good quality items to avoid constant replacements.

Essential Triathlon Items

To keep your triathlon gear safe and organised, some of the key pieces of equipment you should invest in include transition bags and race belts as well as a digital sports watch which will help you to stay on pace when training as well as during the race.

  • Transition bag: A good transition bag is a superb investment, even for the triathlon beginners. Keeping all your equipment accounted for and in one place means less worry for you and hopefully quicker transitions. At Sharks Swim Shop we stock a range of top brand bags including the TYR Apex transition back pack which is specifically designed to keep all of your essentials organised for quick and easy access on race day. It features numerous organisation compartments, including a bottom wetsuit compartment, exterior mesh pockets and 15” laptop sleeve for travel.
  • Race belt with pocket: Whether in the water, on the bike, or during your run, a race belt is a great way to keep all your additional items secure, allowing you to concentrate on technique. The Orca racing belt has laces to hold any type of race number and also features a horizontal zippered expanding pocket, so you can carry food and valuables, without losing them. For extra comfort, its adjustable clasp allows you to adjust the tightness of the belt. An essential accessory for every triathlete.
  • Gels and drinks: when training or competing in a triathlon it’s important to keep your energy levels up as well as staying hydrated. At Sharks Swim Shop we offer a range of drinks, gels and energy bars including the High 5 Run pack which is full of all your nutrition essentials. You will have everything you need for your next run to help sustain your performance and stay hydrated. It also includes a Run Bottle with an easy to grip handle for running (leak-proof top, food grade plastic and dishwasher safe). We also offer a High 5 Cycle pack as well as individual items according to your needs.

Essential Swim Accessories

If you’re training for your next triathlon in open waters, you’ll know that the sea is still very cold.  And in the UK, sea temperatures remain pretty cool through most of the early summer months so it’s important to keep your extremities (head, hands and feet) warm whilst training.

In addition to a wetsuit, we also recommend that you invest in the following swim accessories:

  • High Vis Skull cap: You need to ensure your skull cap is made from neoprene to keep the heat in, protecting you from the cold of open waters whilst also being visible to others.  The Orca 2.5 mm thick neoprene swim cap provides warmth to prevent heat loss while swimming whilst the Velcro closure on the chin allows you to adjust the neoprene cap to the shape of your head, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Swim gloves: These are designed to keep your hands warm during those cold water swims. The HUUB neoprene swim glove for example is made fromhigh grade 3mm neoprene for added warmth and protection for your hands.
  • Swim socks and boots: Swim socks and boots, like this range from HUUB, are designed to protect your feet when swimming in cold waters.
  • Goggles: Whether you train in a pool or open waters, you will need to invest in a good set of goggles (ideally those that do allow for optimum performance in open waters). Try the HUUB Aphotic goggles which get darker or lighter through Photochromatic technology during the race without you even noticing, delivering the comfort and vision needed to maximise your sighting and assist your swim.

Sharks Swim & Triathlon

We hope you found these tips for essential triathlon accessories useful.  At Sharks Swim & Triathlon we stock a huge range of products ranging from wetsuits to accessories… in short, everything you need to enhance your triathlon performance.  You can see our full range on our website here  or pop into our shop in Gorseinon to browse at your leisure

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