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With swimming pools across the UK closed and social distancing rules stopping open water swimming, more and more athletes are thinking of novel and innovative ways to carry on with their swim training.

As reported recently in the Independent, Olympic Swimmer, Sharon Van Rouwendaal, has been using an inflatable pool to train during lockdown.  Instead of admitting defeat and pressing pause on her strict training regime, the 26-year-old, who won the 2016 Olympic gold medal in the 10K open water swim, discovered a novel way to ensure she stays fit amid the pandemic.  Read more here.

The pool which Sharon is using, measures just 3.2m in diameter and  is 0.7m deep. This pool allows her to get in her laps by using a bungee cord to add resistance and lock her in place in the middle of the water.

There are many online videos which show how this can be done including this one:


Benefits of Swim Training with a Bungee Cord

Training with a bungee cord or tether can help to increase speed, improve technique, strength and endurance. It can also help to improve your kicking by allowing you to concentrate on the motion from your hips and thighs rather than from your knees.

Using a bungee cord or tether in a garden pool is also good tool for drills, especially one-arm drills. Swim with one arm for a set amount of time, then switch to the other. This drill will help produce a more even stroke.

You can also use a swim tether for running in the water running as an effective, low impact workout.

Orca Bungee Cord

With more and more athletes like Van Rouwendaal sharing their lockdown training experiences, the demand for tethers and bungee cords has gone through the roof.

However, at Sharks Swim & Triathlon we have in stock the Orca Swimrun Bungee Cord that is ideal for this type of swimming practice in a small, garden pool.

Retailing at just £25, this bungee cord is made up of two race belts and a 3 metre bungee cord, one fixed and one adjustable ring on each belt. 

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