Benefits of Good Quality Swimwear

Quality swimwearAs the holiday season approaches, families all over the UK will start to shop around for holiday swimwear.  Many of us make the mistake of opting for the least expensive option to save our money to spend when we are away; but this is a false economy.

Brand Quality

If you are planning to swim in the sea or a pool when on your summer holiday, then you’re far better off investing in good quality swimwear from leading brands such as Zoggs or Aquasphere as they will last you more than one holiday and will be comfortable and easy to wear too.  Our swimwear goes up to a UK size 24 and comes with a variety of different back and side cuts to suit all shapes.

Quality swimwear ladies You’re probably thinking that these brands are only suitable for people who swim regularly but in fact you’d be wrong.  These professional swimwear brands have evolved over the years and today come in a variety of shapes and patterns ranging from plain flattering shapewear to trendy styles like this Funkita ladies one-piece jungle pattern swim suit.  

Quality swimwear menSimilarly, our range of men’s Speedo Water shorts come in a variety of bright colours which will enhance your tan as well as enabling you to dip in and out of the water with this quick drying material.

Quality swimwear girlsAnd when it comes to children’s swimwear, we have sparkles, patterns, cartoons and more so your kids will be the coolest around the pool this summer.  Our ranges include swimming costumes, bikinis and tankinis for little girls, including bright Funkita designs; and plain and modern patterns on Amanzi jammers for boys.

Quality swimwear boysIf you and you children are also keen swimmers throughout the year, then investment in a quality brand will benefit your overall swimming performance as well as making you look good on holiday.

Better Fabrics

The fabric used in these top brands tends to be strong, lightweight and fits the body nicely as well as being quick drying.  Importantly, most good swim brands use some grade of chlorine resistant material when constructing swimwear, especially if it is destined for use in a pool, as chlorine is routinely added to swimming pools to keep them free from any bacteria that could be hazardous to human health.  

Standard swimwear that you will buy from a High Street chain is more likely to fade due to the effects of chlorine and so will look tired after very little use.

Dedicated swim brands put a lot of effort into constructing swimwear that is resistant to the effects of chlorine, so their customers get better value for their money and find that their swimwear lasts and lasts even if used regularly. Look out for designs that use 100% chlorine resistant fabric such as Speedo's Endurance+ and Zoggs Aqualast.

Sharks Swim Shop

If you prefer to try your swimsuit on before purchasing, why not pop down to Sharks Swim Shop in Sketty where you will have warm welcome from owners Leah and Louise.  They will help and advise you on the most suitable style and cut for your shape and if they don’t have the style you want in stock, they will order it in for you.

For a first hand view of the styles and brands that Sharks Swim Shop currently stock, visit their website

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