VIEW design performance.

VIEW has evolved into the product we see today from our determination to develop original, cutting edge swimming equipment.

VIEW released the world’s first interchangeable prescription lens goggles in 1991. Our specialization then focused on the children’s market in 1994.
In 2004, VIEW released into the racing market, the “Blade” goggle featuring significantly reduced resistance.
This low resistance technology lead to the development in 2011 of the ultimate racing goggle, the “Blade Zero”. The Blade series is supported by many competitive swimmers today.
To take technology to the next level, VIEW sought to improve on its market leading anti-fog treatment. In 2018 “Swipe anti-fog” was launched. The Swipe anti-fog is recovered by swiping the lens surface of the swimming goggles.

All of these products have a highly functional design and purpose, created with innovation and precision.
VIEW is determined to continue to develop original and highly precise products to meet our customer’s demands without compromise.
Functional design for performance is paramount to VIEW’s innovative concepts. To deliver the best performance always comes one step before design.

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